Don't be fooled by the Rick Perry political machine, or the Bachman, Palin, or Christie one.

You don't have to believe that there is a group of global elites with their mitts involved in our elections to be concerned.  Sure it is a fact that the Bilderberg group holds secret meetings every year.  It is also a fact that Bill Clinton was invited to speak one year before he was rocketed from relative obscurity to be elected president, and that Rick Perry spoke at the 2007 Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul.  One can do a google search for themselves and decide if they see a pattern of influence.  While they are at it they may as well do a search for the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Let's toss all that global ruling class business aside for the moment and take a hard look at who else might benefit from the current political status quo.  Here we are concerned with good old fashioned money in an industry's pockets, bought by political influence.  There are of course many more, but perhaps the three main industrial beneficiaries are the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, and the banking industry.  All these profit handsomely from the partnership present in modern politics between big business and government.  See Free markets become fascism as the line between the private and public sector fades for more.

The Washington D.C. lobbyists are constantly out in full force wooing politicians of both parties to make sure the money keeps flowing. The idea is keep the big government projects on line whether it is the Democrats or the Republicans in power. The lobbyists are very successful at keeping the gravy train rolling. Look at the hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been unspent on military expenditures had Obama actually earned that Nobel Peace Prize he has awarded. Instead the wars have expanded to include Libya, Pakistan and Yemen.

Big government feeds big business. In turn big business takes care of big government. They truly don't care which party is in power or which bozo is behind the podium as long as it is one of their own. To believe that they don't do everything possible to make sure the president is a yes man for keeping things the way they are would require a tremendous leap of faith.

This has been going on for decades with the tightly connected media complicit in promoting big government candidates and belittling and ignoring the small government ones. After all, the networks and newspapers all make most of their money through advertising for the very industries that would be crushed without massive government spending. Just watch the evening news and count the prescription drug commercials. It really is astonishing. Don't forget it was George W. Bush that signed into law the multi-trillion dollar prescription drug plan while he was in office.

An additional factor is the federal government also controls licensing.  They could shut down networks in the blink of an eye by revoking their licenses. Broadcast radio are television are not free markets.

With the vested interest in promoting big government candidates and the power to do so, the status quo of the political machine were able to stack the playing field with acceptable candidates in both the Republican and Democratic party. When election day came it didn't matter which of the two party nominees got elected. They were fine with either.

This all changed in just the past decade with the emergence of the internet. calls it the internet reformation and compares it to the Gutenberg Press in its importance. No longer are people only informed by those who benefit from the big government/big industry partnership. There is another, monstrously large source of information out there. This short article for instance would have gone unread before the internet. Now it costs nothing to publish and reproduce. It is a battle of ideas and those that benefit from the way things have been at the expense of the rest of us are running scared.

Now we can research the records of the candidates in the blink of an eye and see if their records match up to their rhetoric. We should encourage everyone to do their own investigations. It just takes a moment with the internet to find the truth.

A quick search reveals some interesting facts about Rick Perry. For starters, he used to be a Democrat, and he campaigned for Al Gore during his presidential run. Also while governor of Texas he signed an executive order mandating the implementation of mandatory HPV vaccinations. He used state power to circumvent the wishes of individual citizens, no doubt to to pay reparations to an industry that helped get him elected. Girls have been paralyzed and some have died from this vaccine. Again don't take my word for it, look it up.

Take a look at Ron Paul on the other hand and a whole new picture emerges. It is fascinating we have been kept in the dark about him all these years. The media bias against a small government candidate is obvious. In 12 terms in congress, Ron Paul has been unbelievably consistent. He voted against every single unconstitutional piece of pork that crossed his desk. There are no exceptions. Also due to his firm grasp of Austrian free market economics he has been warning about the financial debacle we are currently living through. He alone has the solutions. Ron Paul has been speaking for years about the Austrian Business Cycle Theory and how the Fed creates the booms and busts with their monetary policy. We are at the edge of a financial precipice and Ron Paul is the only one running who has a clue what to do about it.

The next time you see the main stream media tout a candidate as the next front runner remember the bias.  Understand that when you hear about people who haven't even declared like Chris Christie getting more attention than Ron Paul.  The media are simply having them warm up in the bull pen.  The are keeping the name in the public eye and will bring them out only if necessary when their other anointed picks fail to keep Ron Paul behind the pack.  Call them out on it to people you know.  The pattern is obvious.  Jon Stewart had a funny clip about the mainstream media's deafening silence regarding Ron Paul when he almost won the Iowa straw poll last week.  A free market in ideas exists, and now thanks to the internet it is at eveyone's disposal.

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