Buckle Up... Because It's Game Over For the Fed, Gold Confiscation, Ben Bernanke is a Mad Scientist.

Buckle Up... Because It's Game Over For the Fed by Phoenix Capital Research via Zerohedge
"The Fed is done. Finished. Kaput. It literally has nothing left in its arsenal save a massive QE plan. And that will only come if there’s systemic collapse or a major bank goes under."

Gold Confiscation: A Highly Unlikely Threat by Gary North

Operation Twist as Further Evidence that Ben Bernanke is a Mad Scientist Playing with The Economy by Robert Wenzel of Economicpolicyjournal.com
"I have long contended that Bernanke is something of a mad scientist, using the United States economy as his personal laboratory, this move by Bernanke has just exploded my Bernanke mad scientist detector."

Rick Perry caught lying and a new Ron Paul ad on the video page.

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