Daily wrap up: Why You'll Never See A Poor Environmentalist.

Environmental Protection Is a Consumption Good by Isaac M. Moorehouse.

Job Killer In Chief by Peter Schiff.
"The sooner we regard the government as a job killer rather than a job creator, the sooner we can all get back to work."

Money: How to Get it and Keep It by Doug Casey.
"Don’t let all the garbage reported in the financial media you read, see or hear confuse you about what money really is. Don’t consume more than you make: save! Don’t spend: invest!"http://goo.gl/Zyrry

John Hussman Weekly Market Comment.
"The policies that the Fed is pursuing here distort market signals, create speculative incentives, and encourage the misallocation of capital."

A Primer On Jobs and The Jobless by Walter Block.
"The path to jobs that matter is the free market."

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