Twist Paves the Way for QE III, The Gold Tsunami Wave Cycle, and Forget Gold—What Matters Is Copper

Twist Paves the Way for QE III by Peter Schiff (via Goldseek)
"This process exacerbates the structural imbalances underlying the U.S. economy, making what may be the inevitable crash that much more spectacular."

Goldrunner: The Gold Tsunami Wave Cycle (via Goldseek)
"We believe that we lie at a “load the boat moment” in this historic Gold and Silver bull for Gold, Silver, and the PM stocks."

Forget Gold—What Matters Is Copper by Gonzalo Lira
"it is my estimation that very soon now—end of this year at the latest—we will have QE-infinity—and beyond!"

Chris Christie:  Another politician owned by big Pharma?

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