Why Debt Levels Are So High, The Old Man And The Sea, End the DOE

Why Debt Levels Are So High by Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor (via Goldseek)
"Economists of all stripes agree that debt levels are way too high, but only a small percentage of economists understand why the total amount of debt has reached such a troublesome magnitude."

The Old Man And The Sea - 2011 by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform (via Zerohedge)
"The journey is what separates the noble lion (Ron Paul) from the hyenas (corrupt politicians) and jackals (media). Ron’s message will not die. His son will carry the torch. The young people who have been inspired by his words and example will carry the torch."

End the DOE by Aaron Smith from Mises.org
"Since its founding, the DOE has engaged in unconstitutional federal meddling in education that has produced little for taxpayers."

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