Daily wrap up: The stimulus did nothing to lift the economy

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The stimulus simply did not work.

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If you understand gold, no fiat price will matter.

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Ron Paul has pushed the Ideal of Liberty past the Tipping Point:

Daily wrap up: If there is no recession with these indicators it will be the first time.

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Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday discusses Austrian Economics.

The Gold standard was historically a part of the Republican platform.

Freemarketfan's latest article: Ron Paul has pushed the ideal of Liberty past the Tipping Point.

Bernanke, a Wise Man, Created Order Out of Chaos...the Daily Bell.

Ron Paul has pushed the cause of liberty past the tipping point.

Scientists at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when an unshakable belief is held by just 10 percent of the population, that belief will always be adopted by the majority of society.  Here is an article link to their findings

The latest gallop poll for the republican nomination shows Rick Perry at 29%, Mitt Romney at 17% and Ron Paul in third place at 13%.

Update Feb 7, 2012:  Ron Paul up to 21%  http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/07/us-usa-campaign-poll-idUSTRE81514720120207 (Romney: 29%, Paul: 21%, Gingrich: 19%, Santorum: 18%)

The main stream media bias against Ron Paul is obvious.  See the Jon Stewart clip on the Free Market Fan video page  for an example of this.  Despite the ignoring or belittling of his ideas his numbers have approximately quadrupled so far since the last go round in 2008.  I think it is fair to say that of Ron Paul's 13% at least 10% are die hard believers in his message of limited constitutional sized government, peace, and sound money.

The reason this new research cited above is so exciting is that Ron Paul's ideas represent a revolutionary change in the way people think about the role of government in their lives.  For the past many decades, both the Republican and Democratic parties have been dominated by big government statists.  It didn't matter which of the two party nominees the public voted for because either one guaranteed a continuing ratcheting up of the power of the state, and by default a weakening of the liberties and freedoms of the individual.

So what we have here is a message that is desperately trying to be ignored and ridiculed by the kept media who benefit from the status quo.  It however resonates immensely with the minority of people that actually do some research into it.  What people find is not only that Ron Paul is a principled man who has always voted in line with the Constitution, but much more.

The founders of the Constitution were first and foremost concerned with preserving individual liberty and reducing the risk that their government would grow so large that it oppressed its own citizens.  They realized there were certain things that were necessary for a people to remain free.  They built these items into the Constitution's framework.  Unfortunately over the years the it has been so undermined that the original intent of the founders is barely recognizable.

All we have to do for a return to prosperity is to elect someone who will follow the Constitution: no wars without a declaration by congress, a sound money backed by gold and silver, and the protection of the rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights.  We know Ron Paul will do this.

What is even greater reason for optimism however is that the message of liberty spelled out in the Constitution is larger than just one person.  It is Ron Paul who personifies the fight right now, but the intellectual discussion for a return to a free society will continue no matter what happens in this election cycle.  The message itself has reached a tipping point and the genie cannot be put back in its bottle.

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Evolution, Climate Change Could Divide the Republican Party: (The Atlantic)
The establishment tries desperately to take the focus off the economic crisis and the growing police state.  See comments for reaction from some who aren't fooled.

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Keeping it all in perspective

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Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

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Ron Paul article on The illusion of Safety: Government cannot protect us.

Demographics point to contraction of P/E ratios for stocks going forward. Mike Shedlock.

Breakout in precious metals.  (Scott SIlva)

What should the role of government be in a Free Market Economy:
archived freemarketfan article

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Free Market Fan's latest article:
Don't be fooled by the Rick Perry Political Machine, or the Bachman, Palin or Christie one.

Anthony Wile from the Daily Bell: "Stop Clinging to False Hope and Face Reality"

Ron Paul: I'm trying to change the course of History:

Zombies born of Government spending:

Don't be fooled by the Rick Perry political machine, or the Bachman, Palin, or Christie one.

You don't have to believe that there is a group of global elites with their mitts involved in our elections to be concerned.  Sure it is a fact that the Bilderberg group holds secret meetings every year.  It is also a fact that Bill Clinton was invited to speak one year before he was rocketed from relative obscurity to be elected president, and that Rick Perry spoke at the 2007 Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul.  One can do a google search for themselves and decide if they see a pattern of influence.  While they are at it they may as well do a search for the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Let's toss all that global ruling class business aside for the moment and take a hard look at who else might benefit from the current political status quo.  Here we are concerned with good old fashioned money in an industry's pockets, bought by political influence.  There are of course many more, but perhaps the three main industrial beneficiaries are the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, and the banking industry.  All these profit handsomely from the partnership present in modern politics between big business and government.  See Free markets become fascism as the line between the private and public sector fades for more.

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Gold is the real safe haven  (goldmoney)

The battle continues:  Mike Shedlock's latest on the inflation/deflation front:

Freemarketfan's article on it last year which is in play again as the pattern repeats....QE3 on its way.

Bank of America's Dead Drop To Rick Perry: "We Will Help You Out" from ZeroHedge

Jim Sinclair and Dan Norcini on jsmineset.com (Mining Share Ratio To Gold Back At Pre-QE1 Levels):

Ron Paul's knowledge of Austrian economics enables him to predict housing debacle:

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Nadeem Walayat explains the inflation Mega trend and how to profit from dividend paying stocks.

Lew Rockwell: Death of the Dollar,
Jack Cafferty asks "Is Ron Paul The Only Grown-Up Running For President?"

James Turk interviews Jim Sinclair on gold. 

Rick Perry issued a draconian police state tactic of mandating a dangerous vaccine to young girls while governor of Texas.  Now he does the standard political technique of bringing up his past weaknesses and saying he has shifted his views.  This vaccine mandate shows how little regard he has for individual liberty and how he pays back the powerful lobbyists who got him in office.  Expect more of this should he become president.

Do you know how to do the Heimlich maneuver?

The stagnation of the economy will continue until the illusion of the two party system is destroyed. http://www.freemarketfan.com/2011/08/stagnation-of-economy-will-continue.html

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Silver poised to resume uptrend.

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Comment reply that slices to the bone.  Linked from LRC politcal theatre.

Daily wrapup: articles and news links of interest.

Hussman’s weekly market comment, great as always.
“The reason we are facing a renewed economic downturn is that our policy makers never addressed the essential economic problem, which was, and remains, the need for debt restructuring.”

Gary North on the 40th anniversary of Nixon closing the gold window.

10% is all we need

Robert Wenzel links to Jon Stewart about media bias against Ron Paul

Robert Wenzel on Warren Buffett. 

Rick Perry campaigns for Al Gore, global warming myth and all.

The stagnation of the economy will continue until the illusion of the two party system is destroyed.

The economy stagnates.  The unemployment numbers worsen. The question on everyone's lips is how long will this last.  People want to know what it is going to take to get this economy back on track

People understand the national debt is a problem.  They probably don't realize that it began its parabolic ascent only after its gold backing was removed. (more here) The average person doesn't have time to look into these things.  What's more important is their own situation. Do they have a job?  Will they keep it?  They realize now that Obama was no savior, but the immediate issues at hand for them involve their own finances.  Why are prices rising they wonder  They do their grocery shopping and the bill is going up.  The government's crafted statistics for inflation are irrelevant.  What matters to them is what they can see with their own two eyes.  The same amount of money buys less.

U.S. Debt downgrade doesn't mean what you think.

The downgrade is just another signal that big time inflation is coming.  The U.S. Treasury borrows money by issuing bonds.  Because it has a massive spending problem and can't live within its means it runs a perpetual and ever expanding deficit.  The deficit is financed by issuing more bonds.  This process is currently going parabolic as the U.S. debt load is expanding at an alarming rate.  See the chart below.

The U.S. stopped minting quarters and dimes out of silver in 1964 and it removed the gold backing of its dollars in 1971.  There is now nothing backing the dollar.  It is pure paper as is every other currency in the world.