Following the Constitution Is a Revolutionary Idea. (Ron Paul)

What is the proper role of a government in a civilized society?

A court system should arbitrate disputes and punish destruction of property and life.  A police force should enforce these decisions.  Lastly, an army should protect life and liberty if necessary from nation state aggressors.  Many of these things do not necessarily have to be done by employees of the state.  Some of them could be performed by private industry, such as arbitrators and security companies, but if the role of government were limited to these few things this would be a much more free society.

The founders of this country envisioned a world where these principles of a limited role for government could be maintained.  They knew under these conditions personal liberty and freedom would be maximized.   However they were concerned that eventually their government might grow so large that it would oppress its own citizens.  They wrote the Constitution with this in mind, detailing the specific powers to be granted to the Federal government.  The rest remained with the people and their respective state governments. 

Unfortunately over the years the Constitution has been so undermined that the original intent of the founders is barely recognizable. 

Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign is opening up the eyes of millions of people to just how far we have strayed from the path of limited government and personal liberty.  When Ron Paul speaks of no wars without a declaration by congress, a sound money backed by gold and silver, and the protection of the rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights, these ideas seem to some to be revolutionary.  In reality they are simply Constitutional ideas.

It's the words of the Constitution itself that seem revolutionary because of just how far we have strayed.

For decades, both the Republican and Democratic parties have been dominated by big government interventionists.  It didn't matter which of the two party nominees the public voted for because either one guaranteed a continuing ratcheting up of the power of the state, and by default a weakening of the liberties and freedoms of the individual.

The message is desperately trying to be ignored and ridiculed by the kept media who benefit from the status quo, however it resonates immensely with the people who see through the propaganda. What people find  in Ron Paul is a principled man who has always voted in line with the Constitution.  Thinking people know all we have to do for a return to prosperity is to elect someone who will follow his oath to uphold the document.   We know Ron Paul will do this.

What is even greater reason for optimism however is that the message of liberty spelled out in the Constitution is larger than just one person.  It is Ron Paul who personifies the fight right now, but the intellectual discussion for a return to a free society will continue no matter what happens in this election cycle.  The message itself has reached a tipping point and the genie cannot be put back in its bottle.

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