There is no such thing as a former Ron Paul supporter and his supporters will only vote for Liberty. Ignore that fact and Obama will be reelected.

Ron Paul speaks the message of liberty.   Liberty revolves around people living their lives in peaceful coexistence.  There is no utopia and people will wrongfully steal or hurt others from time to time, but the rule of law from a constitutionally limited government will sort these crimes out and general liberty can be maintained.

The problem comes when the aggressor is not another person but the government itself.  Our government has stepped over the line of refereeing liberty and taken an active role in redistributing wealth and aggressing upon people by enforcing its edicts.  It matters not what banner it waves to justify the aggression.  Be it the war on drugs or the war on terror.  

The creep against liberty happens ever so slightly at first.  The government starts by interfering in minor ways.  Over time its reach grows and evolves.  Eventually people don't remember a world without a powerful nanny state confiscating their wealth or telling them how to live.

There's no dividing line between economic liberty and civil liberty.  There is just liberty.  Don't harm your fellow man.   

Once people understand how liberty works there's no going back to an establishment candidate ever again.  This is critical for Republican voters whose goal is to defeat Obama to understand .  Nominate establishment candidate Romney and you'll lose to Obama.  

We'll always from now on only vote for liberty or not at all.  There is no going back to the lesser of two evils. 

A Ron Paul supporter explains:

The messenger of Liberty himself:

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