The Tireless Agorist on Ron Paul

"Anybody who's ever had a yard and ignored a single dandelion early in the spring can immediately grasp what's going on here.

Ron Paul has stated repeatedly from the earliest days of the 2008 cycle that his campaign is about spreading a message, and a very specific message at that. He sums it up in three words: "Freedom is Popular." He's also a coalition builder, appealing to voters across the spectrum who are tired of the endlessly growing and increasingly incompetent government, endless warfare both foreign and domestic, the steady erosion of personal liberty, and gross fiscal irresponsibility championed by both parties.

The more egregious the violations by the current Republicrat establishment, the more his message resonates with those exposed to it. From bailouts to NDAA, to SOPA and PIPA, the establishment is doing everything it can to advance the cause of liberty in a purely ham-fisted way. For those who understand the message, even his largest warts shrink in significance, because he's the only candidate of either party addressing the issues of most importance."

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