N.J. Assembly panel passes bill to add fluoride to public water supply.

Fluoride is poison. This is really pitiful. Countries in Europe are ending these crazy fluoridation programs and here we are beginning one.  Not to mention we are broke. Follow the money and I guarantee we see why this is being pushed.

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Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?

Ron Paul is likely to win more delegates to the 2012 GOP convention than either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum this week. Wait. What? That's why he campaigned in Maine this weekend.

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Ron Paul On The Kudlow Report 01-30-12 ~ Dollar Would Be Linked To Gold At Fixed Rate

If Mitt Romney Is So 'Electable,' Then Why Didn’t Republicans Nominate Him in 2008?

"This guy came in second place in the primaries to the "moderate" who got his ass handed to him in the general election. Think about that for a minute. This guy was moderate enough to come in second in the primaries two years ago, when the Republicans first decided to eschew principle and select a moderate, and yet he was deemed less "electable" than the guy who lost so badly. "

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South Carolina Debate highlights for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Surging in South Carolina - 20%!

"Mitt Romney leads the South Carolina Republican presidential primary with 29%. Newt Gingrich is in second place with 25% and Ron Paul is in third place with 20%.
Paul has gained the most and Rick Santorum has lost the most since the last American Research Group survey on January 4-5. In that survey, Paul was at 9% and Santorum was at 24%."

Be sure to see the comparison to past survey chart to appreciate Paul's surge.

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New video: The War Propaganda Candidates vs. Ron Paul.

CNN should fire Dana Bash Immediately. Says she is worried Ron Paul will continue on.

Media bias is one thing.  Admitting it on national TV is another.  Sorry Dana Bash you've got to go.

Gold Correction is Over by Alf Field

Article from Alf Field found at the below link:

"There is a strong probability that the correction in the price of gold has been completed. This article has four separate sections. They are:
  • The Elliott Wave (EW) justification for thinking that the correction in gold is over.
  • Why corrections happen in gold from a fundamental viewpoint.
  • The extent to which manipulation affects the gold price.
  • A possible “black swan” event that could trigger a gold price surge.  "

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Ron Paul To Everyone But Mitt: Drop Out. Campaign says unite behind Ron Paul to defeat Romney.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire—Rep. Ron Paul's campaign called on the rest of the Republican field to drop out of the race and unite behind him in order to defeat Mitt Romney.

“We urge Ron Paul’s opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul’s candidacy,” campaign chair Jesse Benton said in a statement.

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Below is Ron Paul's Terrific NH Speech after the primary:

Ron Paul to Chickenhawk Gingrich: "When I was drafted, I was married and had two kids, and I went."

Politicians who carelessly send our kids of to a war zone hate to be reminded of their own cowardly past.  Newt Gingrich is the epitome of a chickenhawk.  There is not a part of the world he would hestitate to bomb and occupy, yet when his number came up as a young man he hid behind deferments. 

Ron and Rand Paul above in photo from 1960s when Ron was serving in the Air force.

Clip from the NH debate below where the chickenhawk is exposed:

Pentagon Press Room "See This Room? Two-Thirds Of Us Laid-Off When Ron Paul Is President." Proof the media is worried about Ron Paul ending the gravy train.

The cogs in the government propaganda machine work hard to keep their jobs.  The main stream media bias is obvious for all to see.  Everyone knows Ron Paul will end business as usual.

Air Force Veteran Ron Paul: Newt Gingrich Chickened Out When He Was Drafted.

Ron Paul says Newt Gingrich falls into the "Chickenhawk" category. When Newt Gingrich was called to service in the 60's he got deferments and didn't even go. But he is willing to send other peoples children to war. Newt Gingrich has no business talking about danger.

Ron Paul May Have Secretly Won The Iowa Caucuses. (It's all in the county delegates)

Ron Paul May Have Secretly Won The Iowa Caucuses
by Grace Wyler at Business Insider

Ron Paul may have officially come in third tonight, but if the campaign's caucus strategy went off as planned, then Paul may actually be the real winner of the first Republican voting contest.

That's because Paul's massive organizational push in Iowa focused on both winning votes, and also on making sure that Paul supporters stuck around after the vote to make sure they were selected as county delegates — the first step towards being elected as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

That's because Iowa's Republican caucuses are non-binding — they are technically just a straw poll, so once selected, delegates are free to vote for whichever presidential candidate they choose.

"Part of what we've been training the Ron Paul people to do is not to leave after the vote," Dan Godzich, a senior campaign advisor, told BI. "Stay and get elected to the conventions and get us those delegates."

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